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Hello Jekyll !

Since 2018, when I was start blogging. I felt a lot from it.

I saw myself writing not only for myself, but for others, writing with more care.

I shared the failures and mistakes I experienced while learning and the solutions I found from them.

Sometimes I shared my personal life, experiences, or interests.

Along with that, I also received various emails and comments of gratitude and encouragement.

I experienced that if I tried a little more, it could help many people. So I think I did blogging quite hard.

However, as time passed, I began to get busy and I couldn’t actively engage in blogging activities.

So I’m going to start over.

I learned that writing in English is necessary to be helpful to a wider range of people.

Some people write blog posts that look clearer and more interesting than I do, but I decided to do only what I can.

Stay Tuned!

ps. Huge kudos to Papago and Grammarly.